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So today seemed shorter for some reason, Idonno. I had a better morning, for sure, I wasn't all rushed and my contacts didn't kill me or make my eyes fall out. I went to school and was going to go to the library, but i forgot where it was, so I went on to my first class like thirty minutes early *epic facepalm* I had to go in an entirely different entrance because the door was locked ;;u;; Anyway, I got there and sat down. I was the only one for a long time, then all of my wierd classmates poured in at once.
-There were only three girls including me, and I only knew one person. That person is the same tall kid from Pre-AP World Geography yesterday, one I've known for two years. He sat next to me and we had a fun stupid time, we're used to being partners and acting like idiots. We hardly did anything in that class lol. Apparently my kickboxing teacher knows my enigeering teacher, who is pretty nice, so I told him she said hi. That was cool c:
Passing period...
-I got to walk from there with my tall friend, since he was going the same way I was. I knew exactly where to go since I had memorized where my next class was....
Air Force JROTC
-ASDFGHJKL I love this so hardSO HARD. My teacher is reeeeeeally cool and nice, and he totally sounds like he could be a voice actor. He's pretty animated and talks with his hands lol, which is funny~ He's awesome though, and I've already learned stuff >|3 ~ anyway, I have that class with two actual female friends and a guy I just know. I'm soooo excited though.. Once I get my uniform issued to me, I'm going to go back and visit my junior high and be like "YEAH ASDFGHJK I'M REPRESENTING" but not really. Because no. c:
Passing period...
-My next class was down the hall. SO COMPLEX
Pre-AP Geometry
-I really like this teacher too! He's very laid back as well as all of my others and he's nice. We get to work with awesome calculators too lololol. BUT our teacher lets us eat and drink (so did Engineering, but not near the computers), listen to iPods, and take really short naps lol (he doesn't use a buzzer to wake us up or anything.) He's really nice too c: Anyway, all we did was play on the calculators which are, as I said, very awesome.
Passing perios...
-Lunch teim. Took me a long time to get to the cafeteria since I was all the way across the school, but that's okay. Maybe I'll find a shortcut.
-ANOTHER ASDFGHJKL OUR TEACHER IS LOVELY. He's really sweet and funny- no, hilarious- and just all baww! He wore a pretty suit and popped up out of nowhere in front of all of us going "Hi. c:" "Hi. c:" "Hi, how are you? c:" With that little wee face x3 And lolol we applaudded whenever he walked into the room and he was all "ono ?" So he gave us this huge speech about respect and other moralities and I almost baww'd, he was so sweet. He was telling us, as he said, "Stuff we need to hear," like telling all of the girls they're pretty and sure as hell meaning it. No one, and I mean no one, thought it was lame. Like I said, I was about to baww, because I'm not attractive :'> He was so sweet
xDDD He's just epic. I'm really sad I'll only have him for a semester, but that's alright! I'll see him around~

Afterwards I went to a secluded spot for my mom to retrieve me. We took home one of my friends, even though I was mad at him. This HUGE (like 3.5 inch) neon green grasshopper leaped onto the back of my arm and started crawling to the back of my head and he wouldn't help me :c I had to get another one of my friends to flick it off, no thanks to him. Thanks man.

Anyway, that was my day c': I wish I had B day everyday, I don't want to do all of the stupid acedemic crap tomorrow *crai*

So I'm writing now c:
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TurtlesaurRex Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Wait, you only have four calsses? How long are they?! xD

And it's so awesome that you are having a good first few days of school. 8D
DireTylo Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
x'DDDD All Pre-AP is haaaard though xDDDD

We have eight periods with A and B day, so on Monday I had World Geography, English, Orchestra, and Biology. B day is what you see here c:
Each class is an hour and a half though "XD

And thanks~
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August 28, 2012


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