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August 23, 2012
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He continued sobbing into the leather pauldron on your shoulder. Lovino now made his way towards the two of you- finishing off a Janissary that was desperately trying to claw away. "Are you-a okay, [F/N]?" he asked, panting slightly, wiping some sweat from his forehead with a white-clad sleeve. You nodded very slightly, the slightest hint of movement sent shocks of pain from your shoulders and hips to your spine.

You hadn't noticed your wince once you spoke, the pain from the caltrops in your skin was like a burning, searing pain. They'd be sore tomorrow, huh? Feeling a small spasm of pain go through you, you twitched, alerting Feliciano of your injuries. He stopped squeezing his arms desperately around you, he had been hugging you close to him the entire time. The Italian gave a quiet sniffle, wiping his still-tearful eyes with a hand. You looked at him sadly- it pained you, even more, to see him cry like that…

He attempted to smile reassuringly to you, "S-sorry, bella…" he sniffled, tears beginning to crawl down his face as he began to speak again, "I'm just-a so g-glad you're okay…"
You forced a weak smile to him, "Please don't cry, Feli," you coughed, beginning to taste the tangy iron again as a pain in your spine made itself known. You remembered, when you got knocked down, you  had heard a loud snap….

"Can you-a sit up, bella?" Lovino asked, genuinely sounding concerned. Not the right situation to be angry at anyone but the attackers, you suppose. You tried sitting up, your spine quickly sending pain to your head as if it was screaming at you to not try it. Gently using your arms to lower yourself back to the ground with a grunt, you replied, "I don't think so… I really hurt my back earlier."

Lovino turned to his brother, "You-a take her back to the North Bayezid den, fratello. I'll-a scout ahead and-a see if there are-a more guards."

You held up your hand, covered in your hidden blade vambrace, giving a cough. Lovino stopped and turned to you. "I think that person's still alive…" you let your hand limply fall in the direction of the bloody civilian. Now, getting a better look at them, their side was heaving painfully. Lovino immediately nodded, "Si, bella, good job," and shuffled over to the body. He, as gently as an Assassin can, picked them up and started off in a direction- to the other den, you guessed.

The remaining Vargas sniffled again, trying to hold back more tears as he carefully swept his arms under your back, he was taking so much extreme care that no pain appeared at his touch. Feliciano smiled slightly down to you as he lifted you up off the ground, you gave him a warm smiled back. Trying to lighten the mood and not think about what he had done, he glanced around at all of the dead guards at his feet, "Wow, mia bella…. You're-a really strong, ve."

You gave a painful chuckle, "Nah.." you murmured, wanting to ask him about the strange thing that happened to your vision. He carried you slowly and carefully in the direction his brother sped off to. The silence was beginning to make you uncomfortable, so you asked him- "Hey Feli?"

"Si, bella?"

You thought about how you should put it, "What does it mean if…." You began to explain the experience thoroughly, adding every detail. You glanced up at him, and though his ashen hood cast a shadow upon his face, you could easily tell he was smiling. "There's a legend," he began, all sadness from earlier had dissolved into the past,  "about an ability, called-a the Eagle Vision…"


The two of you arrived at the different, smaller den a few minutes later. Feliciano had been telling you about the legend of the Eagle Vision the entire trek there, how it was a sixth sense that very few bloodlines possessed. Though everyone could use it, it was most prominent in certain lineages…

Lovino had already made it there long before you and his brother, and he already had made sure the wounded person was being tended to. You found the Assassin waiting for you at the door to the den, a worried expression cast upon him. He opened the door for the two of you.

Though this den had a less important feel and was relatively smaller, it was still friendly and inviting, just as the other had been. Several other cloak-clad Assassins quickly rushed up to help Feliciano upon seeing your beaten, caltrop-wounded state. They lead him to a vacant room and he gently eased you onto the bed as your other comrades hastily went to go seek out another doctor.

Feliciano smiled weakly upon seeing your hurt form, "You'll-a be okay, bella.." he spoke softly, gingerly brushing some [H/C] hair out of your eyes. You nodded, though it felt as if nails were being hammered into the bones in your legs, you felt comforted by the fact that Feliciano was here. You blinked slowly up at him and asked if he was going to stay.
Nodding, Feliciano sat down on the edge of the bed next to you. This peace allowed you to think about the fight, and this allowed you to once again become self-conscious. You could've gotten the Vargas brothers killed….

"You know, [F/N], you really did good-a back there." Feli suddenly said, staring straight forward at the wall. By what you could make of his expression, he looked as if he was recollecting the events of the fight as well. "I'm-a really proud of you… I knew I-a made a good choice asking you to-a join us," he smiled calmly back at you, lifting the hood off his head.

You automatically understood why he wasn't acting like himself. "Thank you," you said quietly. "For what?" he turned his gaze blankly back to the wall in front of him.

"You saved me from that Janissary," you replied, a matter-of-fact tone to your voice. He was silent, which made you feel as if you hurt his feelings, so you cleared your throat quietly and continued, speaking even softer, "Lovino… told me that you'd never killed anyone before…"

To your mild surprise, the Italian immediately responded, nodded slightly, "He was-a going to kill you, bella. I couldn't-a let that happen to you…" he trailed off and glanced down at the wooden floor that was covered in rugs.  You smiled ever so slightly, closing your eyes. You were worn out from all of the adrenaline spikes and fighting you had gone through today, and since most of the pain had subsided, you wanted to rest.

Though you weren't entirely sure if you'd wake up, due to how much you had bled due to the several edges of the caltrops. You tried to guess how many were stuck in you, maybe… eight? All of the mild pain had merged together, you weren't able to pinpoint any actual injured areas.

Giving a soft sigh, this didn't bother you much. There was always the possibility you wouldn't survive, but you felt secure and safe with Feliciano beside you, and you knew he wouldn't leave your side. "Feliciano…" you whispered, already preparing for your sleep. He looked over his shoulder to your face, blinking, "Bella?"

"I'm going to rest, okay?" You opened an eye as to not alarm him and make him think you were dead. He hesitated then nodded, "The-a doctor should be here soon, bella… You won't have much time for sleep."

"I'll get as much as I can," you replied, closing your eye again. You smiled, wishing to know what his expression would be like once you told him.

"Okay…" He muttered, almost disappointed. Slowing your breathing and your heart rate to keep the pain at bay as you fell asleep, you finally spoke softly, feeling your heart drum softly in your chest as you calmed down.

"I love you."
Two xReader installments in two days? The end is nigh, my dear friends.
Here's part 7, sorry not much happens ;u; but amgh! You finally tell teh Feli you love him~<3
What'll happen in the next chapter? >w>

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:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

If you enjoy this, feel free to take a look at my new reader insert series, Wendigo!LativaxReader- [link] c:

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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