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August 17, 2012
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You spun around, your heart immediately thudding inside your chest. Five Janissaries stood in a row in front of you, the one in front with his arm crossed over his chest. One of the guards in the back of the group was dragging something heavy and bloody- a beaten heap of a body. Whether it was alive or not, you couldn't make out.

"Seems as though the-a little pickpocket got lost and-a tangled in the Brotherhood…" The cocky head Janissary scoffed, giving a husky, dry laugh. It sounded awful- as if he had sand in his throat- and it sent a eerie shiver down your spine. These were the same guards that almost killed you the mere days before.

Without thinking, you held your Splinter bomb tighter. You suddenly had an epiphany—

Throw it.

And you did- in one wide involuntary swing of the arm, you sent the small sphere full of deadly caltrops right into the ranks of your attackers. One Janissary on the side saw it first, and he immediately flung his body away from their patrol. The others weren't so lucky.

As soon as the bomb hit the ground between them, the world was thrust into a dead silence. You couldn't identify the source- perhaps it was either the bomb exploding or your adrenaline spiking to a dangerous level and you were close to fainting. Once there was silence, you saw the small object explode and send thousands of small spikes in every direction- including towards you. You watched as three guards fell to the ground- caltrops embedded in their armor, uniforms, and whatever skin was exposed. They lie still as the remaining men scramble around in a panic.

Despite you managing to catch all of this happening, your adrenaline was remaining spiked. In this state of extreme panic, you hadn't noticed the several piercing pains in your legs and stomach.  You had only felt several small forces hit you.

Glancing down- the thought dawned on you the exact moment you saw what happened. Several caltrops were pierced into the cloth on your snow-white cloak. A deep, warm red was quickly crawling across the fabric as the pain came. A piercing pain, as mentioned before, and it was awful to feel something not only cut your flesh, but stab it and be left there. A few caltrops were so far deep in your skin, you could barely see the other side.

This set it off- your vision blurred as pain flooded from your wounds to your brain.  The world spun as you stumbled back, watching helplessly through your clouded eyes as two more guard patrols- both Ottoman and Byzantine- enter the scene.

Though the Ottoman Empire was the most prominent in the region, some areas were still controlled by the Byzantines. Usually, whenever guard patrols of these empires met, they immediately began fighting. This time, they seemed as if they wanted you dead more than each other. Fantastic.

Suddenly, your eyesight went black for a split second. You blinked in surprise, and once the darkness didn't cease, you called out for Feliciano and Lovino. They couldn't have gone far, right?!

No answer except for the uproar of the downed guards' pleas for help. You gave a painful, shaky sigh that caught in your throat. You curled your fingers around the hilt of a dagger that was sheathed in your belt.

If this was to be your fate, you would greet it and accept it with honor.

Your vision still black, you stood in another adrenaline spike. At this moment, shapes appeared through the blackess. After a fraction of a second, you could make out what you saw. There were numerous red, pulsing shapes in the vague form of guards. Some were motionless- staring straight at you with their large weapons drawn, the rest scattered about attempting to assist their fallen. Among the hustling red-illuminated Ottoman guards, you saw a faint blue light engulfing the beaten corpse. Perhaps they weren't dead after all?

You gathered yourself and drew the dagger in one swift, short motion. It would've looked awfully impressive if not in this dire situation. Your breaths coming in quick, rapid gasps, you distinguished every individual guard from the sea of red- finally getting used to this strange new vision. You stood there, gripping the dagger tightly, waiting for the Byzantines to make the move. One very large guard lifted his battle axe, using gravity to his advantage as the sharp blade plummeted down towards you.

Your vision was perfect now- possibly even more helpful than what you saw before. You could see every single guard, every crease in the fabric of their uniforms… The axe even emitted a fiery aura of red.

You ducked slightly, dodging swiftly to the side as the blade sliced into the concrete ground. Your instincts suddenly took over, and before you had time to comprehend the moment, your arm shot out to the befuddled Byzantines' skull. The hidden blade attached to the brace on your arm shot out in response to your certain arm movement, at the exact moment your hand hovered parallel to the slits in the Byzantines' helmet he uses to see. In a flash of light as the sun reflected off the polished metal blade, the weapon plunged itself between the slits of the helmet and into the guard's skull. He gave a sputter before falling face-down onto the concrete.

You didn't have time to comprehend how awesome that was- the next guard was coming towards you, a swift Ottoman Janissary. He was coming up on your dagger, hookblade side. You brought the dagger towards your chest to gain fatal momentum before swinging your arm, slicing across the guard's chest. You swiveled your body to bring in the death blow, a stab with the hidden blade.

By now, the red-tinted guards were dropping like flies. Were the Vargas brothers finally here? You tried to take a moment to distinguish the living from the dying- they all had the red aura. In your unfocused moment, something knocked you hard in the head, sending you plummeting to the ground.

You hit the ground with a thud, hearing a loud crack and a sharp pain jet through your spinal cord. Your eyes crossed, blurring the red images again, but you quickly regained yourself. Blinking- you saw a lone, bright-red Janissary looming over you. He had a long saber in his hand that had a blue aura dripping off of it. Feeling the pain come to your cheek where you got hit, you gingerly touched something warm dribbling from your mouth. You looked at what was on your hand as you began tasting the prominent tang of iron, blood..

Turning your fearful head back to the guard who was standing over him, you saw a few caltrops stabbed into him and several other bloody wounds. You could see his chest heaving with pain and hate as he raised the saber and sent it flying down to you.
You waited for the end.

But once again it never came. Blinking, you realized that you had your eyed sealed tightly shut as the saber came towards you. A blue shape loomed over you now, though you couldn't tell what was going on. Desperately trying to catch your breath, you heard someone  a few feet in another direction speaking in rapid, hasty Italian.  You shut your [E/Y] eyes and opened them again.

The world was filled with a bright light for a moment as your eyes adjusted to the sun. You focused your gaze in front of you.

Feliciano Vargas was standing not over you, but the stone-cold body of your attacker. He was staring down at his bloody hands in utter disbelief, a tear-worthy expression of fear and confusion cast upon his innocent face. You tried to say his name, though it came out as a shaky gasp, "F-Feli..ciano..?"

His wide-eyed gaze immediately snapped up to you, and despite the caltrops embedded in your flesh that also posed a threat to him, he immediately enveloped you in a hug. His arms wrapped tightly around your aching torso, he held you against his chest and began sobbing into your shoulder.

He just killed someone…. For you.
Part 6 is out! This is the first one I've actually gotten into writing, since I was feeling kind of bummed about the others. I hope you all realize a signifcant improvement in the overall writing, and enjoy! <3
Also, tell me if you think this needs a mature content filter for violence. I'm not sure if it does or not .u.

And if you don't know what happend with your vision- shame on you c:

:bulletblack: Part 1- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 2- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 3- [link]
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:bulletblack: Part 6- Here!
:bulletblack: Part 7- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 8- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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