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The three of you- Lovino and Feliciano Vargas, and yourself- all stood upon the towering spire of the Assassin Den. Lovino was crouching, perfectly balanced, on the very tip of the building. How he managed to succeed in staying up there was beyond your knowledge. You and Feliciano, on the other hand, were on either side of the cylindrical stone, each gripping a ledge with one hand and letting the other swing free. You all were facing the same way- but only the two veteran Assassins knew what the mission was.

On the way to the top of the spire, you had asked each of the Vargas brothers more than once about it. Feliciano had just given you a warm smile and assured you that you would know once you got there. Not surprisingly, Lovino had just given an irritated huff. The source of his irritation was most likely not you, though, for you now knew that Lovino was actually very kind to women. It was just other men (and his brother) who he couldn't stand.

"There!" Lovino said rather loudly, making you and Feliciano flinch simultaneously. Immediately after he spoke, Lovino pushed himself off of the spire with his legs, extending his arms away from his body so he was in a diving pose. You watched, mouth agape, as the Assassin, heavy with armor, plummeted to the ground. "C'mon, [F/N], ve!~
You suddenly felt the man grab your hand, instantly causing you to blush at his warmth.
You managed to sputter out a few gibberish words of anxiety until he cut you off- "Just-a relax, and you'll-a be alright, bella."

Pulling you with him (and almost breaking your arm due to your futile resistance), you suddenly felt air rush past you as you plummeted down with Feli. You continued to panic frantically until you remembered what had happened the last time you and Feliciano had fallen back to the stone earth- you landed in a cart of hay. You suddenly heard a loud clacking noise and you lurched forward as the two of you stopped falling and began moving horizontally. You hesitantly looked up to see Feliciano holding onto your hand still, his other hand holding the two of you up onto a zip line by the hook blade.

You let out a long, drawn out sigh of relief. You'd never get used to that.

Not even a minute after Feliciano hooked onto the zip line did the two of you finally get close to the ground and drop off onto the concrete below. The small plaza the three of you-Lovino arrived before you-met up in was very empty and barren. "Why.. Are we here?" You managed to say slowly, studying the area cautiously. Why was it empty?

"Apparently, some-a guards thought they were-a all that and-a started to rough up some people…" Lovino quietly replied, scanning the area. Feli was already making his way carelessly away from you and his brother, examining something on the ground. "I found-a blood, Lovi," he called over, his gaze not turning away from the supposed blood.

Lovi glanced over to him and strode over to him, you following behind, less-confident. Your low confidence apparently showed through your body language, because Feli looked over at you with a concerned look. Before you could react, he stood up next to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to his chest comfortingly, "Are you-a feeling alright, mia bella?"

That familiar pink shade crawled across your face like a spreading fog, and you shot a shy smile up to him, "Y-yes, thank you Feli…"

"It's-a still fresh," Lovino scoffed, one of his gloved fingers dipping into the pool of red. He looked up, scanning the concrete plaza, "…. And it leads over there," he pointed the bloodied finger to an alleyway. There were drips of blood forming a trail, leading in between two buildings surrounding the plaza. Lovi stood. "We can-a still catch whoever this-a belongs to," he began. "Whether they be-a guard or civilian."

You and Feliciano nodded in unison, and he, sadly, let his arm drop from your shoulder. Without waiting for the two of you Lovino straightened up, cracked his knuckles, and started off in the direction of the blood, his cold eyes glued to the ground.

Your Assassin crush quickly followed his brother, and you trailed behind him. You were never the nervous or reluctant type, but for some strange reason, you were very anxious. Guards had always been the bane of your existence, and now you'd have to fight them face-to-face.

Eyes fixated on the pitiful blood drops staining the stone street, you gently collided with the crossbow strapped to Feliciano's back. The small collision jerked your attention to the world in front of you, and you rubbed your forehead where it hit. Feliciano glanced over his shoulder and blinked at you to ask if you were alright- he had abruptly stopped. You looked up at his perfect face and nodded, still rubbing your sore forehead.

Peeking around Feli's figure, you saw Lovino in front of him, his arm extended away from him to motion for you to stop. Both you and Feliciano looked at him expectantly as he scanned the area where the alley opened up into another empty square. He reached into a pouch strapped to his Assassin Symbol belt. You brushed some [H/C] out of your eyes in an attempt to see what he held in his hand. He broke his gaze from the plaza in front of him for a moment long enough to hand you and Feli something each- a small circular item. A bomb. Since you had no expertise with bombs, you couldn't tell what kind it was. "That's a Splinter Bomb…" You felt Feliciano's hot breath as he whispered this to you. "It's-a very lethal, so try not to-a use it unless you really have to, okay, bella?" He spoke softly, smiling. You gave a nod, now more nervous than ever. "It's a sticky pouch, [F/N]." Lovino spoke this time, glancing at you over his shoulder. "Stick-a it on a guard and it'll explode after-a five seconds."

Feliciano took the bomb from you for a quick second, "Indian gunpowder…" he handed it back to you, smiling again. "Two meter blast radius. Best-a used for precision attacks-a where you need to limit casualties. This is-a for your safety, bella."

He spoke about the bombs as if memorized by heart. His knowledge was… Astounding. Attractive, too.

You continued to nod, studying the bomb. Such a powerful and dangerous device, packed in such a small package. "Now-a spread out. The-a blood stops here, so everyone-a searches around the plaza for any signs of a struggle." Feliciano nodded and turned back to you, suddenly enveloping you in a tight hug. "Good luck, bella~" he chimed happily before immediately letting go and running off. You were left, alone, blushing madly. You shook your [H/C] head, snapping you out of your trance, and you timidly began down into the square.

The large Constantinople buildings towered over you in every direction, casting eerie shadows down onto the deserted concrete street. A light wind whistled ominously through your ear, causing the soft rustle of a paper being blown away. You glanced around- no one was anywhere near you. You let out a sigh, relaxed- until you heard someone speak behind you.

"Well… What-a do we have here?"
I'm so sorry for the wait, guys! I've had awful artist's block and some internet problems ;v;

Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful
Merda- Shit

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

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:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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