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August 4, 2012
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Your cheeks got more and more flushed by the minute. How did he randomly teleport into your bed?!

Trying to avoid contact with him, you placed your hands against his chest and tried to gently push Feliciano away from you. His brows furrowed at the shove, and made a soft noise in his sleep before wrapping his arms tighter around you. Now you found yourself pressed even closer to the Assassin's chest. You felt warm and safe, though you desperately tried to push that feeling to the back of your mind. You tried to squirm away in one last futile attempt, and eventually gave up.

After a while of letting him sleep in silence, you heard a loud yawn next to you. You glanced over to see Feliciano blinking the sleep out of his eyes. The two of you stared at each other for a moment, before he gave a big smile, still clinging to you, "Morning, mia bella."

"Good morning Feli…" You muttered, blushing still. He flipped some hair out of his face, "Are you-a okay, [F/N]?" He asked, giving you a concerned head tilt. Merda, he noticed you blushing!

"Y-yes," you gave a hesitant nod, he hadn't reacted to the situation at all! "Um... Why're you in bed.. with me?"

Feliciano glanced around for a moment, as if he had no idea that he was there with you, then gave a laugh, "I apologize, bella. I must have-a climbed up here in-a my sleep!" You smiled, there is no possible way to be mad at his sweet, handsome face. Finally letting go of you, he got up and began trying to untangle the many blankets that were wrapped around him. You felt your heart sink when he did so, you appreciated him being next to you…

"Oh, bella! You're-a coming with-a me and Lovi on a mission today!" The Assassin turned to you and gave his big, signature smile. An apprehensive feeling immediately came over you. Asking him if you were going to have any training, trepidation began shaking quietly in your voice. He recognized your worried tone, and sat next to you, "You sound-a worried, bella.."

You paused for a moment, "I-I am.. I mean, I haven't had any training, and now I'm actually going on a mission with you guys… I just don't feel like I'm worthy to be here…"

"S-so.. You don't-a like it here…?"

You put your hands up quickly to stop him, "No, I love it! I've never felt more welcome… I just… Don't think I'll be able to protect people…" Your voice was suddenly cut off as Feliciano gently took your chin, tilting your head up to him. "I believe you can-a protect people, [F/N]." He gave a warm smile, and you looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes. Your could feel your heart beating excitedly inside your chest- this man had to be the most gorgeous person you'd ever seen. You couldn't even begin on how wonderful his personality was.

You snapped out of your dreamy trance to realize he had been talking. Feliciano blinked at you, and once he realized you weren't listening, he laughed and backed off, "You're-a funny, bella~ You had-a better get dressed," He said, patting your Assassin armor that was still folded on the table. You gave him a quick nod and stood, getting the kinks out of your back while doing so. He picked up his own armor, that had been lazily tossed onto the ground, and exited the room to put it on. Since you were alone, you calmly took off your nightgown and began dressing in some clothes someone had left you-most likely Lovino. After dressing, you unfolded the majestic Assassin armor.

Holding the cloth at the shoulders, you let the body of the uniform fall so you could see the entire outfit. You held it away from you as you studied it- a white hooded cloak with heavy armor strapped around it, mostly around the waist, wrists, and left shoulder. At the shoulder, a cape-like cloth hung from a large leather pauldron. You then looked at the left wrist- this was what Feliciano had called the "hidden blade" the day before. Apparently, when you flexed your hand a certain way , a blade would be shot out of the vambrace (which was what you had been calling a gauntlet this whole time). This was the primary weapons for the Assassins- stealthy, silent…

Remembering what you had to do, you began to clumsily slip the cloak over your head. Something caught on the way, so you soon found yourself stuck, with the uniform halfway over your head. You sighed, trying to get some [H/C] hair out of your face. Suddenly, you heard the high creak as the door opened, and you glanced around frantically. You must've looked awfully funny, because Feliciano began laughing. "I-It's not funny," You spat, visibly embarrassed. If you hadn't looked like a fool before, you sure did now.

"Need help, bella?" Feli said warmly, and before you could give a smartass reply, you felt the cloak slip off you. "What you-a need to do," the man began, demonstrating as he spoke. "Is-a take off-a the armor first."

You watched in awe as he undid all of the armor on the cloak. For once, he was entirely calm and skilled. You found this very intriguing and… attractive.

Once he had all of the armor off of the cloak, he looked up at you and smiled, "I'll-a put it on for you." You blinked for a moment- once again caught in his hypnotizing smile. Giving a nod, you lifted your arms to help him, and he calmly slipped the cloak over your clothes. You relaxed, but not for long. Still smiling, he gently drew his hands along the sides of your neck, getting your hair out of the collar of the cloak. Despite all of your efforts not to, you shivered delightfully at his fingertips- his hands were magic!

Not seeming to notice, Feliciano picked up the armor and circled around you so your back faced him. He held the waist belt- adorned with a large metal Assassin Symbol. He brought his arms around you, bringing the front of the belt to your stomach, and wrapping the belt around you. Feeling the warmth from his hand brush your waist, you began blushing deeply. Was the universe purposefully teasing you with this?!

After he got all of your armor on, he was back in front of you, smiling, "Ah, there-a you are, bella~ You look-a wonderful." He exclaimed, a soft purr to his voice. You gave him a shy smile- the uniform was kind of hot and heavy, but it gave you a powerful sense of strength and skill. Feli gently reached behind your shoulders, lifting the snowy hood up over and onto your head. "There," he smiled.

You blushed, trying to look for something to say as you smiled back. The two of you stared at each other for a moment, and soon, a light shade of pink flushed across Feliciano's cheek as he studied you. You noticed, and began to blush deeper, what was he thinking?!

In unison, the two of you began involuntarily leaning closer and closer, until his lips were centimeters away from yours. You could feel the heat radiating from his face, your heart beating rapidly inside your chest as he came closer… You had wanted this since you met him and had become entranced with him. Finally, he would know how you felt…. And you closed your eyes.

You loved him.

A loud spasm of knocks erupted from the door, and the two of you flinched away from each other as you both were jerked back into reality. He rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed, and you glanced at the ground. "Hey-a, Feliciano, [F/N]! It's-a time to go!" Lovino's voice yelled at you through the door.

"U-um, coming, Lovi!" Feli said to the door, embarrassment still hanging in his voice. You heard Lovino give a frustrated huff and the footsteps on the wooden floor as he stomped off. Giving a sigh, Feliciano smiled slightly to you, "Well-a.. We had-a better get going, si, bella?"

You hesitated, then nodded. He smiled and held his gloved hand out to you. Taking your hand in his, he lead you out of the room and to the main room- where Lovino stood, waiting, tapping his foot impatiently.

You sighed- it was going to be a long day.
So tired... Sorry about the lack of Assassin stuff, this was a fluff chapter .3.

Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful
Merda- Shit

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

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:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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