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July 31, 2012
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"--And-a you can stay with Feliciano in-a his quarters," Lovino said, in a surprisingly kind tone. He set a gloved hand on the door to Feliciano's room. You shot him a weird look, holding your bulky new Assassin clothing in your arms, "Why don't you stay with him? He's your brother, after all."

"I can't-a stand my brother," He began, rolling his eyes slightly, "All-a he talks about is-a pasta and pizza, It's-a all so obnoxious…" He opened the door, casually stepping inside. Feliciano had been sent on something called an "ingredient gathering mission", so Lovino was showing you around, helping you get your armor and cloak, and so on.

Apparently it was very important, because Feli was sent off not long before he brought you to the Assassin's Den.

You carefully stepped inside behind Lovi, looking around. Feliciano's room was messy, several weapons just nonchalantly scattered about at dangerous angles (such as the blade of a scimitar on the ground facing you and Lovino), along with numerous papers and pictures shoved under the single bed. Lovino sighed upon glancing around the room, "I apologize-a for his… disorderliness."

He started picking things up, taking extreme care not to get stabbed by any hidden weapons. You just watched as he put the blades and small axes in a large chest in the corner, and gently taking papers and putting them in a stack, "I usually hate-a cleaning, but I know-a Feliciano won't do it…"

You just gave a slight nod, discreetly examining the papers from afar. They were drawings and paintings, made with extreme and delicate skill. Was Feliciano the artist?

"There are-a… a few things you should-a know.." The Italian Assassin gave a nervous, forced laugh. "Like…?" You asked worriedly. By the tone of his voice, it didn't sound too good. You honestly didn't care- you were so glad to be sharing a room with Feli that it felt like nothing could change your mood. You, of course, hid this emotion in Lovino's presence.

"Well.." He started, fixing the stack of papers so they were orderly. "He likes-a to sleep naked a lot, usually around-a three in the-a afternoon. So…. Try to-a get missions around that-a time, so you don't have to-a be around… that."

The thought made you blush. What have you gotten yourself into?

"I'll find-a you a spare bed so you-a don't have to sleep on the-a floor or anything." Lovino exclaimed with a sigh, "You should-a go ahead and-a put on your cloak. Feliciano should-a be back-a soon."

You gave him a short nod and he left the room. Giving a soft sigh, you sat down on Feli's now-made bed, looking down at the folded fabric in your arms. You were very happy to be here, but for some unrecognizable reason, you felt almost unworthy. All of these men and women were so trained, toned, and... You couldn't find the right word for it. They knew what was right, and they were giving their very lives for it. All you had ever been was a pitiful pickpocket, not only for survival, but it was always fun. You thought about this, how would you ever survive without pickpocketing? The thought suddenly dawned on you- Lovino and Feliciano only recruited you because of your swift climbing and running skills. Now that you were an Assassin… You looked back down at your clothes, lifting the gauntlet accessory- that you now knew was a type of brace. You ran a thumb slowly over the Assassin Symbol garnish, letting it shine after you touched it. This symbol meant so much more than you ever wanted, what you ever were… You had to remember you were part of a much, much bigger thing now.

Now that you were an Assassin, you had to fight not for yourself, but for the lives of other people. You would risk your life every day, like the Assassins before you, to protect these people. You had to kill.


You flinched, almost tossing your cloak and armor into the air. Feliciano immediately swung the door open with one hand in one, swift motion, carrying several small pouches in his other arm. Thank goodness you hadn't been changing- he didn't even knock. You muttered a nervous greeting to him, giving a small smile, "Hello Feliciano."

"Hello bella! Lovi told me that-a you were getting to-a share my room with-a me!" He smiled, almost dropping several pouches as he came in. You nodded to him, thinking for a moment. "… Shouldn't you take those pouches to the Master Assassin?"

"I will, mia bella~ I just-a wanted to come and-a see you first!" He cheerily, as always, exclaimed. "What exactly is in them?"

"Caltrops, shrapnel, coal dust.."

Your eyes widened, "Why would you have that stuff?!" Feliciano gave a cheery laugh, "For bombs!"

"You use bombs?!" Feli nodded, giving you a questioning look, as if wondering why you were afraid. You weren't afraid of bombs, what you were worried about was Feli.  He was carelessly letting the dangerous contents of the pouches hit against each other and against other things in his arms. So many things could go wrong, you thought worriedly before catching yourself. You realized you were only worried about this because it was a danger to Feliciano's safety…

Clearly bored by your strange silence, Feli shrugged. "I'll-a go put these away, bella, you should-a get ready for bed." You tilted your head questioningly, "Why?" Feliciano tilted his head toward a closed window, before going over to it and pulling away the curtains. No light shown through, "It's-a nighttime, bella [F/N]~"

You felt your face flush a deep red, embarrassed. You glanced away, not wanting him to notice, "O-okay.."

"Oh! Before I-a forget.." Feliciano muttered and quickly left the room for a moment before returning with some clothes, "These are-a for you, mia bella. You can-a wear them whenever you're-a not in your cloak~"

He handed you the clothes, a [F/C] nightgown to sleep in. As much as you cared for dresses and such (unlike other women who loved them), this article of clothing was beautifully stitched, and you found yourself beginning to like it. You smiled up to him quickly, "Thank you."

He smiled back in return before hastily leaving the room to return the pouches of bomb ingredients. Not knowing how quickly he'd be back, you quickly undressed and put on the nightgown. Smoothing out the wrinkles, you noticed your eyes wandering back to your folded cloak. You were fascinated with it for some reason. "I'm-a back bella!" You heard behind you. You turned to the door to see Feliciano backing through the doorway, dragging piles of blankets behind him. "We didn't have-a any spare beds, so I-a got these instead…" He began, turning to you. He did a double take, and you watched as a deep flush spread across his cheeks. Beginning to feel your face flush as well as he stared at you in the nightgown, you glanced nonchalantly at the floor. "I'll sleep on the blankets then, I'm alright with it." You looked back up at him, forcing a reassuring smile. Feli stammered for a moment before clearing his throat, "It's-a okay, bella, you can-a have the bed." Suddenly back to normal, he shot you a smile before he continued to drag the blankets inside. You gave a soft, inaudible sigh of relief. That was uncomfortable.

He arranged the blankets into a little nest, then proceeded to take off his armor and cloak. You blushed even more, not sure of what to do just in case he did entirely strip, like Lovino had said. You hastily crawled into his bed, your back to him, just in case. After a moment of silence, your curiosity got the best of you. Giving a quick, careless glance, you saw him kneeling down at the blankets, in a normal shirt and pants.

You couldn't help but feel slight disappointment.

You watched him mess with the blankets for another moment before he actually flopped down on them, rolling around in them like a child. You let a soft, fond laugh escape your lips, "What are you doing?"

He looked up at you with big, bright eyes, an adorable expression on his face, "Getting comfy, mia bella~" He rolled onto his face, now tangled up in several blankets.  Letting out a content, muffled sigh, he settled down and was silent. You continued smiling and watching him for a moment, not wanting to look away. You finally tore your gaze away from him and rolled onto your side again, getting comfortable. You closed your eyes contentedly when you heard Feliciano's quiet murmur, "Night, [F/N]…"

You smiled slightly, "Good night, Feliciano…"

You awoke in the morning to see the young sunlight trickling in from behind your eyelids. You yawned and, upon shifting positions slightly, felt something warm next to you. Wanting closer to the heat, you snuggled against whatever the source of the warmth was. You inhaled, smelling something nice. A yawn came again, and you rubbed your eyes. You blinked sleepily, only to find what the source of the warmth was. Feliciano was next to you, deep in sleep, still cocooned in several blankets, his arms wrapped tightly around you.

What the hell?!
Sorry it took so long ;3; I haven't been at my house in a while, so I wasn't able to write... This is the first one I've written in one day, so I hope it doesn't sound rushed anything (because I took my time on it). Anyway, enjoy~

Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

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Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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