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July 28, 2012
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"What do you say, bella?~"

You blinked, uncertainty starting to creep in. You had always worked alone in your work, but you had always felt as if something were missing. It could be a number of things, you thought. Being part of a family, using your gift for a cause bigger than yourself... Or maybe even you just wanted to be with Feli a bit longer. You liked his attitude- you've never experienced this much happiness at once, and it seemed as if he had enough for the both of you.

It's not like anything was holding you back, after all. You gave a quick glance around- the streets were cleared except for you, Feliciano, and the lifeless bodies of guards and Arquebusiers downed by Lovino.

You continued to stare into his eyes for a moment- in them, you could see nothing but warmth and kindness. They were definitely something you wouldn't want to ever leave.
"O…O-okay." You gave a short nod. "Really?!" Feliciano asked, his smile getting bigger, if at all possible. "That is-a fantastic!" He wrapped his armored arms around you in a tight hug, which caused your cheeks to get hot. What are you doing?! You fussed mentally, Are you blushing?!

You continued to blush as you were pressed to his chest in that tight hug. You cleared your throat uncomfortably, not wanting to actually enjoy his touch.*

He let go of you, having a calmer smile. "You'll-a love the Brotherhood!" the Assassin said, suddenly grabbing your wrist. You flinched slightly as you looked down at his hand. The same hand with the gauntlet-like armor. As someone who appreciated eccentric designs, you couldn't help but stare at it in awe- there were silver decorations all over it… The most beautiful being the silver garnish in the middle- the Assassin Symbol.

You had been so entranced with the symbol that you hadn't noticed Feliciano dragging you up the side of the building Lovino had left on. He was struggling trying to pull you after him up the vertical wall. Realizing this, you decided not to have him carry more than he should, because he was, of course, already weighed down with armor. You muttered an apology, then started to climb after him. Once on the roof, he smiled back at you. "Are you-a ready, bella?"

"Ready for what?" You asked, hesitantly forcing a lighthearted smile. "The zip line!" He exclaimed cheerily, jabbing a thumb towards a long zip line that extended from the roof off into the distance. You couldn't exactly make out where it lead. "You mean we're going to ride on that?"

"Si!" Feliciano smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist. You didn't even want to know how hard you were blushing.

Seeing that you were visibly flustered, the Assassin gave a warm smile, "Nothing to be afraid of, mia bella, the hookblade is-a very strong." He moved his free arm a certain way just as a large hook slid out from the bottom of the gauntlet-type accessory. You immediately knew where this was going.

"That little thing won't be able to hold us!" You said as Feli pulled you along towards the wire. He raised his hand and hooked the metal onto the line. You tried to politely squirm out of his grasp, but he wouldn't let go. This crazy Italian was hell-bent on going down this zip line.

He leaped off the building, holding you close to him. The two of you flew down the zip line, you barely had a moment to even think. The wind rushed past you loudly as you quickly gained speed. In fact, it was so loud, you could barely hear the almost inaudible voice of Feli cheerily warning you not to look down. Of course, you did look down, and what you saw was amazing.

All of Constantinople before your eyes, several wide streets passing by within seconds. You saw the rich, the poor, the guards… It was all so wonderful. You felt as if you could see into people's entire lives, what you had missed out on, what you had never noticed or seen. You looked up at Feliciano, who was still holding onto you tightly. For some odd reason, you felt a warm, positive sensation come over you, and you shot a quick smile up to him. Without meeting him, this short moment of discovery would've never been possible. You didn't know how to ever possibly thank him.

"Here's-a our stop, bella!" The young Italian man chimed. You looked in front of the two of you, there weren't any buildings, only a large, crowded street. "But Feliciano," you began worriedly, "where exactly are we—"

The hookblade retreated back into the gauntlet and, still going at an alarming speed, the two of you abruptly dropped. Immediately clinging to him, you squeezed your eyes shut in fear. You could feel that Feli was entirely relaxed, but you weren't convinced. Air slammed into you as you plummeted to the ground, and to your tremendous surprise, the imminent force was not stone, but soft hay.

There was silence for a minute, until you heard Feliciano give a warm laugh, which caused you to open your eyes. You glanced around- you and the Assassin had landed in a large cart of hay. Turning back to him, you noticed an amused grin cracked across his beautiful face. You felt your cheeks get hot, and you gave him a displeased frown, "Why the hell didn't you warn me?"

"Aww, sciocca ragazza~" He smiled, stepping off the cart. He held out his hand to assist you, and you took it. Giving a soft laugh, he helped you make your way out of the hay, "I did-a warn you, bella~"

Sighing, you tried not to smile in an attempt to be serious, though you couldn't. Feliciano saw what you were attempting to do, and he gave a playful smile, politely dusting some hay off your shoulder, "Are you-a ready to meet-a your new family, [F/N]?" He asked merrily. For some reason, at that moment you felt all of the confidence in the world, and you gave a determined "Yes."

"Great!" He proclaimed, taking your hand and leading you to the nearest building. You glanced up- the Assassin Symbol. You never expected you'd ever be walking through these doors. Nevertheless, you were excited.

Before entering the normal, nonchalant door, the den seemed like a normal, small building. After having Feliciano lead you inside, you would've never in your life dreamed that one building in Constantinople could be so large. There was a long wooden pathway that lead into a large, warm, and inviting room. There were many colorful rugs on the floor-most likely gifts from Romanies. Several small fires were burning, and a few decorated cloak-clad Assassins sat around them, talking and laughing. There were bookshelves along the walls- ancient pages being illuminated beautifully by firelight as the warm colors of the den complimented each other- creating a safe a friendly atmosphere. You looked around in awe, and Feliciano allowed you to take all of the sights and sounds in, watching you with a fond smile. This was not at all what you expected an Assassin HQ to be like- you were halfway expecting cobblestone dungeon walls with torture devices. Maybe not to that extent, but you get the picture.

Feliciano gently took your hand, as to not startle you while in your state of amazement, and slowly lead you through the room, greeting a few fellow Assassins as he went. Hearing his voice snapped you out of your trance, and you were suddenly plunged into self-consciousness. Several Assassins glanced at you and smiled whiles others greeted you kindly, and you did your best to reply in such a friendly manner. After you two left the room, you went down a hallway. It had an old, wise air to it, and as you walked you realized paintings on the wall- of men and women in Assassin cloaks and armor. Several names were scratched under it, though you only had enough time to read a few…

"Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad and-a Ezio Auditore da Firenze, ve~"

"Hm?" You looked back at Feliciano, who had his eyes fixed on the paintings as you did. "Past Master Assassins, mia bella." He smiled back at you, and you gave him a slight smile in return. "According to my Mentor, they were-a great men, without-a them, the Assassin Brotherhood would be-a nowhere it is-a today, ve!" Feli said, for once not as childish. You sighed softly, contentedly, as he continued to talk about his training and how great Lovino was as an Assassin, and so on. It wasn't long before the two of you were brought to another room, also emanating a great and powerful wisdom. You couldn't even begin to describe what all was present, you were overwhelmed with enchantment.

"The Three-a Tenets.." Feliciano suddenly began, his eyes closed as if speaking some sacred words that not even he would dare say in his normal childlike manner. You watched him, intrigued by how much this Creed clearly meant to him.

"Stay-a your blade from the flesh of an innocent…"
"Hide in-a plain sight…"
"Never compromise the Brotherhood…"

He stood in silence more a moment, before opening his eyes and smiling at you happily, as if he was back to normal. "There's-a so much I have-a to teach you, mia bella! Come, I'll-a show you around and-a introduce you to-a everyone!"

And with that, he grabbed your wrist excitedly and pulled you off into the next room. You allowed him to drag you on- you were eager for you new life in the Assassin's Brotherhood, with Feliciano, to begin.
*-Because you wouldn't want that, now would you?~

I tried to incorperate both of what I saw in Part 1- Fluffy (all of the blushuuu. There'll be more, I promise.), talking with Feli, and Constantinople events (Being the guard stuff in Part 1 and the zipline in this). I'd like to hear from you guys what you'd like more of. Though there's a plot to this, it's mostly bendable towards whatever you guys want. So input's appreciated, what you liked, what you didn't, etc. .u.

:bulletblack: Translations:
Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful
Sciocca Ragazza- Silly girl*

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

:bulletblack: Part 1- [link]
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:bulletblack: Part 3- [link]
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:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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I love this story, all looks pretty good except you seem to use blushing a lot. It may be on purpose, but it seems a little excessive. Try using things like, "I felt a smile begin to track on my face, but quickly stopped, scolding myself mentally for thinking what I don't understand." Just a suggestion, and I really love this story
DireTylo Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's on purpose, thanks
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Thank you for saying so, I'm really glad you liked it! ^^
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