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July 26, 2012
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You looked out over the usually busy streets of Constantinople. This was your pitiful life. Living as a pickpocket had never been the life you would choose, but it was you. You had worked alone for your entire life, preferring solitude rather than a large faction, which most thieves gravitated towards. After regretfully reflecting on your lifestyle, you exhaled a long, drawn-out sigh. Crouching on the ledge of one of the city's large buildings, you gingerly set a hand down on the stone to support yourself as you peeked over the edge. Not too far of a drop down. Too bad leaping straight down wasn't where your target was located. You then proceeded to look up, over a few more heavily-crowded streets, to a merchant irritatingly shouting about the rugs he was selling. He was a large man, dressed in the stereotypical Italian merchant garb. You gave a sickened frown, this man was the living definition of annoying. Too bad for him you were about to ruin his day.

Giving a quick sweep of the area for the familiar Ottoman guards, you stood and backed away from the ledge. In that familiar blast of adrenaline, you got a running start. Leaping off the roof of the building, you landed on the edge of another, your skilled hands gripping the ledge. Thankfully the architecture of this beautiful city was very eccentric and complicated, having many ledges and outcroppings for you-and some other infamous citizens of the city-to hold onto. You pulled your light body up and over the corner and onto the new roof. This building was one of the several that surrounded the small plaza where you victim waited. You casually strode across the roof, unaware of the pairs of eyes watching your every move. You quickly found a safe spot to drop down to the streets and blend with the crowd. Every other person you passed by, your swift hand would move on its own, involuntarily grabbing coins from people's pockets as you focused on your target. You snuck behind the merchant's stand and scoped around for a moment until you found what you were looking for- the small bronze chest which held his profit. You glanced around. No one was watching.

You opened the chest. Stacks of gold coins were lined up in neat little rows. Your eyes widened, and you could've sworn you drooled a tad. Your greedy hands immediately began grabbing at the numerous coins, shoving them hungrily in your pockets.

"Hey!" A thick Italian accent scoffed. Merda. You ground your teeth together. You had been caught. Turning around, you saw several people begin to run, shouting for the guards. No, not the guards! You thought. Ottoman guards in general were okay, but what creeped you out were Janissaries. Their masks utterly terrified you, and you didn't  exactly find comfort in things which were faster than you.

You looked up for an escape- only to see several new-age, Ottoman Arquebusiers scaling the rooftops, searching for the thief the people were screaming for. They pointed their rifles at bystanders who seemed suspicious, then moved onto the next innocent person. You started to hear guards shouting to each other, and you were immediately sent into a panic. You felt cold beads of sweat start to drip down your forehead as you hastily glanced around for an escape. But it was too late- several patrols of four Ottomans immediately closed in on you, not to mention all of the rifles now pointing at you from above- courtesy of the Arquebusiers.

For some odd reason, they didn't kill you on the spot. You simply raised your hands above your head, allowing a few golden coins to leak from your pockets. You sighed, knowing you have immediately been proven guilty. You closed your eyes, fearfully awaiting the sharp pain you would feel any second as your life ended.

A sharp scream from one of the guards sounded off, and you opened your eyes in shock. One of the Janissaries was on the ground, a trickle of blood dripping from his chest. The other guards began looking around frantically for the assailant, only to see Arquebusiers beginning to fall from their perches on the roofs, dead before they hit the ground. People who had been staying for the show were now fleeing, screaming. The street was filled with chaos, then one word stood out from all of the rest-


As soon as the words were called out, a figure in white was sent plummeting down onto one guard's shoulders, knocking him over with the great force and slamming a palm to the back of his head. Blood leaked from the guard's head where he was hit as if stabbed, and with a short dying gasp, he fell over along with several others. You could only watch in shock as the swift figure brought all Hell to the remaining guards, and within a minute, none were left but you and him. Your entire body shook with horror, the man that stood before you was an Assassin. The mysterious men and women who were in the particular Brotherhood were ruthless, cold-blooded killers. You had never had the.. privilege to see one up close, they always clung to the shadows. Now that you had made eye contact, you knew you wish you hadn't. He glanced up at you, and you caught a glimpse of some quick features. A young Italian man with dark brown hair and cold eyes. After a moment of silence, he turned his attention elsewhere and ran off into who-knows where. Your mouth agape, you stood there speechless for a moment, before collapsing to your knees. You could feel your heart thudding, this Assassin just spared your life. But... why?

You stared at the ground, trying to make sense of all that happened, when you heard a thud and a grunt as someone hit the ground. You looked up to see another Assassin who was crumpled up on the ground- he had stumbled off the building. Thinking it was your savior, you shakily stood and made your way over hastily, "A-are you okay, sir…?"

"Vehh…" Came the reply. You lifted a hand to help him, and for a merciless killer, he took the kind gesture gratefully. He grabbed your wrist and you grabbed his, pulling as he heaved his body up off the ground. While holding onto him, you glanced at his forearm- something that looked like a gauntlet. You didn't think you should ask about it.

"Are you okay now… Mr… Assassin?"

He actually laughed. "I am-a okay, thank you, mia bella!~" The Assassin happily said, swinging his head so that his hood fell. You gave a slight smile, visibly surprised at his friendly demeanor. He had the same facial features as the earlier Assassin, but lighter hair that, at one point, curled. "Are-a you okay?" He gave you a slightly concerned blink, still this big smile on his face.

You gave a nod. "Thank you for saving me from the guards…"

"Ve~ That was-a my brother, Lovino~" He chimed. "I am-a Feliciano Vargas~ and-a you, bella?"

"[F/N] [L/N].." You said hesitantly. Feliciano's eyes lit up, "That is-a molto bella!" He chirped happily, throwing his arms into the air. You couldn't help but feel a soft tint of heat on your cheeks. Were you blushing?

"Feliciano!!" An angry accent called from afar. Feliciano looked up worriedly, and you did as well. You saw the Assassin-Lovino- crouching on the edge of the building above you. You flinched, but Feli just sighed. "I was just-a on my way, Lovi!"

"Do not-a call me that!" Lovino spat angrily, "and why are-a you talking to this pitiful thief?!"

"I fell-a off-a the roof, brother! And she-a helped me!" Feliciano smiled again. Lovino just rolled his eyes.

"Why do you-a always do this? You haven't-a killed a single man in-a your entire life yet you are-a still considered an Assassin. Pah." He scoffed one more time before standing and turning his back. After storming off, you and Feliciano were once again left alone.
Feli glanced at you to see that you were nervously looking at the ground. He gently tilted your chin up to face him, causing you to blush more at his gentle touch.

"You are-a a pickpocket, right, bella?" He smiled and you gave a nod. "Well I saw-a what you could do, me and-a Lovi have been-a watching you for a while! You-a have great skill at what you do, and I was-a wondering if you would like-a to come join us?~"

"A-And be an Assassin?" You asked, looking up into his kind, light brown eyes. "Si!" He sang happily. "We have a big-a family, and we all look after-a each other! What do you say, bella?~"
Well I did it.. My first reader insert. I'm scared .u.
Tell me if you like it, I'll really appeciate it. And I'll most likely continue it (more romancy stuff, only fluffiesss) if you fellow fangirls like it c:

And if you don't know about Assassin's Creed..
Janissaries are the highest ranked guards that will go around with lower ranks to patrol, Arquebusiers are riflemen. The Ottoman Empire is basically the Turkish Empire, where Assassin's Creed: Revelations takes place. If you want to learn more, then just go look up Revelations c:

Translations are...
Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful
Merda- Shit

:bulletblack: Part 1- Here!
:bulletblack: Part 2- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 3- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 4- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 5- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 6- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 7- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 8- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy © Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed © Ubisoft
Story © Me, ~DireTylo

Also, I'd appreciate any Preview art c:
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Italy: What do you say, Bella?
xCavazza Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
Quite well done! I usually get annoyed by self inserts, but this captured my attention. Only the-a Italian talking kind-a of-a was a little much-a. Had me giggling like mad tho xD. Im off to the next chapter!
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